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Son, I Like Your Dress

A   M e m o i r

​By Meredith Guest


Son, I Like Your Dress, is an intimate, funny, excruciatingly honest account of a male-to-female transsexual who considers herself living proof that God does have a sense of humor – and a wicked one at that. 

Looking back over almost sixty years, there was never a time when I did not know, albeit inchoately, that, at heart, I was a girl. But due to an unusual fluke of physiology, I was raised a boy – in Mississippi no less – and, as a result, went through all the rites of passage attenuating Southern boyhood: I killed small animals with large weapons; I played football with brutal abandon; I even served a short stint in the Boy Scouts – a grossly frustrating sublimation of my desperate desire to be a Brownie. Locked in the throes of shame, guilt and denial, I eventually married and began a doomed career as a Southern Baptist minister. Little did I know that when I finally opened that closet door, countless others would simultaneously slam shut, leaving me – quite literally – all dressed up with nowhere to go.

​My story is remarkable, not because I am remarkable. In most ways I am quite ordinary, but stories of ordinary people undergoing remarkable transformations need to be told, because to some degree, that’s the task set before each of us. Such stories are like maps; they don’t show us the exact location of our destination – each destination is different – but they can inspire us, enlighten us, and give us the faith and courage to make the journey, to find our Way, to become who we were meant to be – and if not meant to be, want to be.